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Varmstra is an online platform that allows users (persons, agents & businesses) to send money across Africa and the world from any phone   ( Nigeria only), from smartphones, tablet or computer.

Varmstra offers a simple ,secured ,faster and greater convenience money transfer and other services than other traditional money transfer services that often require users to travel a long way to meet agents and other outlets. These  traditional services/methods are out dated and are also end up  charging it users with  higher fees.

How to get an account with Varmstra ?

Opening a Varmstra account is free and easy. You can do it via the following channels ; 

 computer, smartphone, tablet etc. on our website varmstra.com

Phase 1 - Entering Customer Informations

To start, use the following easy steps to get it done :
  • Go to the home page, at the top right end,
  • Click on the Register button found at the top right end on it,
  • On the next page that pops up, enter all required credentials such as names, country, phone number, username and email address.
  • Now , click on the register button to submit your application for registration,
After submission, our data base will send you an SMS code to the registered phone number you use during the registration process. 

Phase 2 - Confirmation Of Ownership & Activation Of Account

To finalized your registration, Check your phone for the SMS registration code (pin) send by our data base ,

  • Copy and enter it on the Phone verify  registration screen as seen below.
  • After entering the sms code, Click on the submit/finish button to activate and finish the registration process.

That's it , you can now start benefitting from our loads of products and services.


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