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If you which to stay connected with your family and friends when you travel, you will need to send an airtime top-up instantly with Varmstra , so as not loose  connection.

You can give them the oportunity to remain connected by  adding  more air-time or data  to their mobile phones instantly. It’s so easy, with just a click using a laptop or mobile or online on the web. Mobile prepaid  top-up is one  of the ways of sending money with

To Send Money Through Topup

  • Select the country you want to send to
  • Select mobile top-up (top-up) as the service you want and select the operator/provider
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • You'll be then be directed to a login/register page
  • lf you are a registered customer/agent or a business Varmstra member, just login with your credentials,
  • Register an account if you don't have one (you will be required of your  email, phone number and a username)
  • On the topup wizard, enter your recipient's details by choosing from a list of people you’ve already sent to, or add a new person by entering their details: like  phone number, address and email where required.
  • An invoice will be generated displaying all available payment options available in your country or accepted by the currency of your wallet with
  • Choose how you want to pay among the list of  – bank account, debit/credit card, SOFORT, paypal, GIRO-PAY, rave , coinpayment, my Paga etc or using your wallet balance – then confirm the amount.
  • The airtime will appear instantly on your family, or friend’s phone. Plus, you and your recipient will be notified by SMS and/ email when the top-up is complete.

Alternative Ways To Send Money

If mobile top-up isn't a suitable way for you  to money  in the country you want to send to, there are other ways to send with money  with us. They  include:

Mobile money: An electronic wallet service that lets users store, send and receive money using their mobile phone. Check it out .

Varmstra Wallet : send money directly to  other Varmstra members wallets globally in minutes and  99% instant (with 90% of  countries) . Check it  out .

Bank deposit: Send money directly to your recipient’s bank account across Africa and the world. Check it out .

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You can also contact us or submit a ticket  to us with your query.

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